About Us

In November, 1974, Steve and Ede Brandenburger began a search for a get-away home in the mountains. Their desire was to find a place that was affordable, near snow skiing, on the water, in the sun, close to their home in Sacramento and a place to give their growing family an opportunity to gain that mountain experience which they had each enjoyed as children. They happened upon an eight unit resort hotel built in 1952 in need of some loving care and repair. For thirty-seven years, they poured their hearts, sweat and tears into making Loch Leven Lodge a favorite hotel for their family and thousands of guests.

In 2011, Steve and Ede handed over the reigns to their sons, David and Garrett. The two of them bring the passion of their parents in giving guests the true mountain experience. With the support of their wives and children, David and Garrett hope to see you share in the joy that is Loch Leven Lodge soon!​​